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Employment Compliance


Employment compliance is serious business and non-compliance can cost your organization significantly. It can be daunting though ensuring that all your practices meet local and country specific regulations and are sufficient enough to protect your organization and its staff. You can rely on us to help you establish the right safeguards to put your mind at ease and let your organization focus on its core business. People Management Consulting.


Our services include:

  • HR Compliance audits accurately identifying the beneficial and problematic areas of current employment practices

  • Policies and procedures development strategically planning efforts needed for compliance and improvement to protect your organization and its employees

  • Employee harassment, discrimination and other misconduct allegations’ complaint investigations and resolutions by our impartial experts, minimizing the potential outcome that can impact both legally and practically, affecting employee morale, productivity and workplace culture.

Laws continue to be enacted, and the regulatory environment has become more complex due to unacceptable conduct remediation. Consequently, entities continue to be compelled to demonstrate compliance with legal mandates through documented assurance assessments.

Robert E. Davis

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